The Jane Fund

Care is Care: We Fund Abortion

The Jane Fund will help pay for your abortion if you can't afford it.

We fund Central MA residents, people traveling to Central MA for their abortion, and have limited resources for other out-of-state patients. Please follow the steps below if you need help.

Step 1

Make An Appointment

Call your nearest abortion clinic and make an appointment. You can reach Planned Parenthood in Worcester at: 1-800-258-4448. Find other clinics at and

Contact PP Worcester

Step 2

Health Insurance?

If you do not have health insurance, call Health Care for All to see if you are eligible for MassHealth (Medicaid). In Massachusetts, MassHealth does cover abortion services: 1-800-272-4232.

Contact HCFA

Step 3

Call Us

Call our hotline at 1-508-829-7300 and we will help you from there.

Call Us

The Jane Fund is a 501(c)3 administered by an all-volunteer board of local, Central MA residents. Our mission is to fund and support access to abortion in Central MA and beyond.

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Fund abortion, build power!

We believe that abortion—a legal right—should be available regardless of a person’s finances.
Learn more about the mission and values that drive our work.

Donate to help us support abortion access.

Contact Us

If you’d like to come to a meeting, volunteer with us, or simply get in contact, let us know. If you are seeking abortion funding, you must contact us by phone.

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