In the days surrounding Tax Day (Wednesday, April 17 in Massachusetts), we encourage our supporters to donate their tax return, or part of it, to abortion funds via a Trivia-Thon donation .


Why? This action is a way to protest the fact that abortion care is currently barred from receiving taxpayer dollars . We want taxpayer dollars to go to funding abortion coverage because it’s a part of comprehensive healthcare and because it is a necessary social good.

Denying abortion coverage is a tax on people with low incomes . EVERYONE should have health insurance coverage, no matter how they get their insurance.

We’re grateful for a generous dollar for dollar match through April 15 to support the Jane Fund’s stance: We want our tax dollars to fund abortion.

To close the gap between our current total and our goal of $10,000, we’re offering a Jane Fund t-shirt to anyone who gives $100 or more during this stretch.

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