You may already be familiar with the W.I.S.H. Taskforce, a network of community members, leaders, service providers, youth workers, and more working toward improved educational, economic, and social outcomes for Worcester youth by making a positive impact on adolescent sexual health.

For three years, W.I.S.H. has worked to increase awareness and capacity for sexual health in the City of Worcester, and the implementation of a comprehensive, evidence-based, and inclusive sex education curriculum in the Worcester Public Schools is a critical component of this work. Just months ago, it seemed they were closer than ever to achieving this goal, but today, much of this work is in jeopardy.

In a disappointing turn of events, the Worcester School Committee has announced plans to vote this Thursday, February 7th on an abstinence-based sex education program known as the “Michigan Model.” It is dangerously inadequate.

The Michigan Model will move Worcester in the wrong direction. The program entirely excludes lessons about affirmative consent, how to prevent pregnancy, and LGBTQ youth. Worcester’s young people deserve better. We believe incomplete, shame-based sex education has no place in Worcester Public Schools.

Fill out this form to sign a public letter to demand the Mayor and School Committee vote NO on the Michigan Model. You can also sign up to submit testimony for the School Committee meeting and other ways to take action , such as sharing the open letter with the people in your networks.

After you fill out the form, contact the Mayor and key votes on the School Committee and ask that they vote NO:

Mayor Petty: 508-799-1153, [email protected]
Molly McCullough: 774-502-8731, [email protected]
Dianna Biancheria: 508-753-3440, [email protected]

We only have a matter of days to make our case. Thank you for taking action to stop the Michigan Model.

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